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Sadie's new name:


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In my school years, my name was invisible, ugly, not worthy. I was surrounded by bullies, called awful things, and quickly learned to hate myself, both inside and outside. I believed these lies and it became really easy for me to listen to the lies of the enemy. It wasn’t until I found Jesus when I was a sophomore in high school, that I realized I have the opportunity to choose what names I respond to. So many times I would slip back and believe the lies that I wasn’t worth it, I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t beautiful; God never stopped holding my hand. I turn to the source for reassurance. I am now beautiful, worthy in God’s eyes, and loved. When I heard Hosanna for the first time, I was in Nashville, TN. I oversee a ministry at my church, and I never really knew why they chose me to be in charge. After hearing “I Have a New Name”, I learned that God has me there for a reason. Everything I have been through in my past, has been a stepping stone for this transition in my life. My calling is to help teenagers turn to Jesus, show them that somebody loves them, and help them realize that they have a purpose on this earth. My new name I respond to is chosen! #IHaveANewName

Chris's new name:


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I speak on identity as much as I do because it is a life or death situation for me. My name can be the girl who is alive, or the girl who is dead. That is how serious heroin addiction is. You can break free and live, or you can use and die. This is so real to me today, even 7 years after the last time I put a needle in my veins. When those nasty names of the past try to claim me, names like addict, broken, hopeless, junkie - I can say with confidence "You don't have the power to name me". Christ alone names me. He names me His. He names me Worthy. He names me Forgiven. He names me Beautiful and Chosen and Daughter and Purposed. When Christ names us we don't have to answer to any other names. When Jesus says, "She is mine", the words and titles of the world have no claim on who we are. I was Chained and now I'm Free. I'm not perfect, far from it in fact. I've clung to the name "girl who recovered from heroin addiction" as if it were my true name for years now. I've clung to wife, mother, artist, as if those names could save me. They can't. According to the world these are all good names, good identities. And they are, as long as they come AFTER the name and identity of HIS, Daughter of Christ. Speak your new name, proclaim it proudly. YOU have the power to save a life. My aunt saved mine when she showed me who she is in Christ. Don't be afraid, He is with you. #IHaveANewName

Kristy's new name:


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My name is clean, forgiven, and child of God! I didn't always answer to these names. I used to be called junkie, unloved, sinner, lost, worthless and the list went on and on. It wasn't until I heard Hosanna speak at a conference that I even knew I was answering to the wrong names! My dear friend blessed me with the “I Have a New Name” book and I couldn't put it down! I am a recovering addict, I have been clean for 3 years, and I have an amazing relationship with God and He absolutely gets all the glory for my sobriety! Yet when I read Chapter 2 Soundboards and took the action at the end of the chapter (which I really liked doing) I realized that I was still allowing the Enemy to control how I thought of myself, but there it was in black and white. The amazing thing was though there was also Gods voice and all the positive things I have accomplished through him. The action I took was turning up God's voice, and all the positive, and drowning out the Enemy. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days when those "old names" try and creep back in, and I just have to praise and glorify God even louder! Thank you Hosanna from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story with me and being so very humble and honest, your transparency throughout your book showed me its ok to allow people in! "It's been a pleasure to meet you!" #IHaveANewName


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